Red River College Magazine Trade Fair April 13th at Noon

Yep, you heard right. It’s 2017 and a group of youngins have decided to use our vast knowledge of social media and tech to make a goddamn magazine. It’s on business, no less.IMG_5213

Forge Forward focuses on entrepreneurship in Manitoba. Our stories feature the people and trends that are driving economic growth in Manitoba.

So, get your lazy ass down to Red River College’s Roblin Centre at 160 Princess Street in Winnipeg on April 13th at noon if you want to read from a whole slew of students, who’ve written about a whole slew of topics. That’s right, there’ll be slews of everything. Slews of prizes, slews of booths, slews of magazines, hell, maybe even a whole slew of food.

Hello Bill Burr- A Fan Letter to an Angry Man

Hello Bill Burr,

You’re the primary reason why I speak my mind on anything. I don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks and I’m always willing to let people have it.

Like you, I’m miserable beyond my years, which is why nothing makes me happier than when people cry about Trump, Brady, or anything really. You are excellent at putting whiny little bitches in their rightful places.

Anyway, lets cut to the chase.

With all that big comedy cash you make nowadays, have you finally bought a cruise ship for sinking yet? There are some people I know who should definitely board one of them.

Despite living in one of the world’s most sparsely populated lands, Canada, I feel that the world could do without half our population. There are people, other than Canadians, who are deserving of building with our lumber, pouring our syrup on their pancakes, and drinking our rye. Most Canadians don’t cut it. These undesirables can board the Titanic 2.0. However, they should probably sink in a more efficient manner than death-by-iceberg.

Just a thought.

Oh, and on a more pleasant note, congratulations on the birth of your new daughter. But don’t let it turn you “sawft.”

I’m sorry for the spelling of the last word in that last sentence. It’s meant to emphasize a Boston accent but it might just emphasize that I’m a douchebag. It might actually be a New York thing. Fuck if I know. I’m just a Canadian.

Finally, thank you for sharing your misery through comedy and, most of all, thank you for not bullshitting. You’re clearly a man who thinks independently without being a pretentious twat who thinks he knows everything.



Mr. Show

The hidden gem of all sketch comedy is Mr. Show with Bob and David. This show is better than any sketch comedy on TV today because it never forgets that the main point of comedy is to be funny. SNL tries too hard to make a point these days and preachy comedy can only be good if the message is superseded by the comedy. This usually isn’t the case.

So, here are a couple of sketches from the short lived Mr. Show that demonstrate why its hosts, David Cross and Bob Odenkirk would find success later in their careers.There performances and the writing of the show are sheer genius. The sketches were original, mostly one-offs, and the premises were so damn ridiculous.

First, here is the sketch that got me into the show. It’s such a ruthless portrayal of corporate ethics and folksy small time business owners that I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I saw it. But this message is secondary as it’s so incredibly funny.

That’s the Fairsley difference.

Here’s another great sketch that predicts a future of advertising where swearing is the norm.


Hicks…The Other Bill

I’ve been kissing Bill Burr’s ass in the previous posts and I can’t say I’m really sorry for it. The guy is a top notch comedian and deserves all the praise he gets. He’s a bad ass everyman who doesn’t cower to political correctness like a sad guilt ridden piece of shit like some other comedians (i.e Louis C.K).

However, I can’t give Burr all the credit for being an anti-establishment comedic genius.

I’ve got to remind people of Bill Hicks too.

Now, Bill Hicks has dropped off my radar a bit over the years as I followed more humorous comedians such as Norma Macdonald and Mitch Hedberg but I never forget the guy.

And just because I’m saying he’s less humorous, doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s funny. He was a very funny comedian but tended to be serious about his jokes. He seemed to focus on his message more often than being funny, or at least he seemed to do this in his act.

Hicks is what you might you might have called a social commentator if you’re a cliche, pretentious twat if you think that everyone who says something is fighting for some noble cause. I’d say he was a left-wing outsider who loved shitting over everything the people he hated valued. Unlike today’s lefist comedians, he was an independent thinker, a chain-smoking badass who shit on Top 40 pop garbage, Bush the First, religious nuts, and any backwards hillbilly or corporatist he could think of.

Here he is at his ashole-ish best.



Bill Burr: Walk Your Way Out- Review

Bill Burr’s new special, Walk Your Way Out is a lot like his previous specials, in the sense that he goes over many of the same topics and repeats some of the same jokes. What changes with this special, is Burr now has a political side.

While he has always criticized Hillary Clinton for being a corrupt phone, his message  changes in his new Netflix Special. Without being a sanctimonious blowhard, Burr manages to successfully criticize Trump and his supporters.

Bill Burr: Walk Your Way Out

Bill Burr is the best thing going in standup comedy today.

He’s got the righteously misanthropic rhetoric of Bill Hicks, without the tendency to go off on tangents that aren’t funny. He’s got the casual, self-deprecating reflectiveness of Louis CK, without the weak-ass, white guilt, Hillary-pandering persona.

Bill Burr is the world’s funniest everyman.

He’s an over-the-top sports fan, but hates macho idiots. He despises idiots, yet mocks snobby elitists. He’s willing to dabble into conspiracy theories without ever taking himself to seriously. He loves his wife, but calls her out for her insufferable nagging, etc. In a way, Burr is an oddly balanced comedian. And now he’s a father.

So, congratulations are in order for my favourite tirade enthusiast on finally growing his balls enough to take the plunge and have a child.

Now that my ass kissing is out of the way, I will patiently wait until his new Netflix special. comes out on Netflix.

Norm Macdonald: Based on a True Story

There are four unscientific facts that we should all know about the universe.

  1. Salma Hayek is smoking. Seriously. She’s 50 and is hotter than Marilyn Monroe ever was. No argument.
  2. Bea Arthur’s rotting corpse looks better now than when she was alive. (Too be fair, I’m only assuming. But as I said, these are “unscientific” facts. If you really want to know more about actresses such as Bea Arthur, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Julia Roberts, read this informative article)
  3. Nirvana is the greatest band ever.
  4. Norm Macdonald is a fucking legend.

Now, let me get going on the last one. Norm Macdonald is to comedy what OJ Simpson is to killing your wife and getting away with it. Simply put, he’s the best. If ridiculously long, pointless stories that have idiotically brilliant punchlines are your thing, go watch a video of him on Conan. If witty, don’t-give-a-damn-if-the-audience-likes-it-or-is-offended jokes are your thing, go check out his Weekend Update bits. His comedy stylings fit my taste like a well-fitted, non-OJ crime scene glove.

Anyway, I found Norm Macdonald: Based on a True Story funny as soon as I read the cover. I knew as soon as I read it that this was bullshit. Norm spins the most ridiculous yarns and while it’s nearly impossible to tell how much of what he says is true or not, at least 99 percent of what he says is hilariously entertaining, bovine feces, with a 1% margin of error.


My favourite passage thus far is as follows:

Chapter 5