Hicks…The Other Bill

I’ve been kissing Bill Burr’s ass in the previous posts and I can’t say I’m really sorry for it. The guy is a top notch comedian and deserves all the praise he gets. He’s a bad ass everyman who doesn’t cower to political correctness like a sad guilt ridden piece of shit like some other comedians (i.e Louis C.K).

However, I can’t give Burr all the credit for being an anti-establishment comedic genius.

I’ve got to remind people of Bill Hicks too.

Now, Bill Hicks has dropped off my radar a bit over the years as I followed more humorous comedians such as Norma Macdonald and Mitch Hedberg but I never forget the guy.

And just because I’m saying he’s less humorous, doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s funny. He was a very funny comedian but tended to be serious about his jokes. He seemed to focus on his message more often than being funny, or at least he seemed to do this in his act.

Hicks is what you might you might have called a social commentator if you’re a cliche, pretentious twat if you think that everyone who says something is fighting for some noble cause. I’d say he was a left-wing outsider who loved shitting over everything the people he hated valued. Unlike today’s lefist comedians, he was an independent thinker, a chain-smoking badass who shit on Top 40 pop garbage, Bush the First, religious nuts, and any backwards hillbilly or corporatist he could think of.

Here he is at his asshole-ish best.




Bill Burr: Walk Your Way Out- Review

Bill Burr’s new special, Walk Your Way Out is a lot like his previous specials, in the sense that he goes over many of the same topics and repeats some of the same jokes. What changes with this special, is Burr now has a political side.

While he has always criticized Hillary Clinton for being a corrupt phone, his message  changes in his new Netflix Special. Without being a sanctimonious blowhard, Burr manages to successfully criticize Trump and his supporters for racist tendencies.

But a problem with this special is that it still treads too much over old territory. There are not enough new jokes or new topics discussed by Burr. He discusses many of the same old problems he has and tells many of the same jokes about women and being a psycho. They’re still funny, but not as funny as when they were fresh.

It’s worth a watch but you should be in no rush to watch it. It’s not Burr at the top of his game by any stretch.