Predictions for the Future of Media

The future of media is going to continue its current trend of fragmentation for years to come. The world is more divided on social and political opinion than ever before, which plays a significant part in dividing media audiences.

The days of mainstream political channels will end, and for networks such as CNN, FOX, and MSNBC to remain relevant, they will have to focus on building their Internet presences. The clearly but openly biased online news sources, such as Huffington Post, Breitbart, Vox, and Drudge Report will continue to grow more popular as people continue to search for news sources that best fit their worldviews.

Apolitical media, such as music, television, and film, will continue to struggle financially because older consumers of media will either die or learn modern media consuming methods, such as downloading and streaming content.

Network television channels will continue to see ratings decline, as variety will increase and smaller channels with more focused content, such as HBO and AMC, will increase their share of the economic pie.

Netflix will continue to dominate as the world’s foremost video-on-demand provider. However, Netflix will face increasingly stiffer competition as other companies look top provide massive amounts of accessible, affordable entertainment.



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