Politics in Comedy 2

Just before I get into discussing another favourite political comedian of mine, I’m just going to warn you that yes, he’s another conservative.

I’m doing this mainly because we know the great liberal political comedians already. Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, John Oliver, etc. They’re all great at what they do.

But conservative political comedians are much less visible for the most part, and where they are seen is online. So, unless you’re actively searching out these people, you will likely not have heard of any of them.

This brings me to Andrew Klavan, the author and screenwriter who hosts his own show for The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro’s online news publication.

Andrew is such a funny guy because of his opening monologues. He is incredibly sarcastic but is also very good at speaking in a funny way. He zig-zags through the stories he tells and intentionally makes his stories confusing because his point is almost always to mock the logic of his ideological opponents.

Here he is being a ridculously smart-allecky bastard. The opening couple of minutes is an example of why I’m such a fan of this sickly looking brother of Mr. Clean.


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