Politics in Comedy

I’ve always felt weird about political comedy. When it’s great, it’s truly great but when it isn’t, it’s just preachy nonsense that’s more concerned with making a point than being funny. The main point of comedy should always be about being funny.

Now with a Donald Trump presidency, comedians have even more material than they did with Bush 2.0. And for the most part, I find that they’ve gone after Trump in a funny way because they can. He’s a funny character and that’s why it’s easy to make Trump jokes. I can’t imagine they’d be able to do the same with Neil Gorsuch.

But making fun of politicians is only one political topic out of many to make fun of. More and more political comedy targets voters and their political beliefs.

Steven Crowder is a conservative commentator with the YouTube political comedy show Louder with Crowder. The openly biased host does make fun of left-wing politicians, such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren (and even Republicans like Trump) sometimes, but most his comedy centres around people who support certain politicians or political views.

Crowder, along with Not Gay Jared, team up and visit countless areas where less-than-desirable political rivals can be found.



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