Last post…maybe

Well, the school year is done, so my requirement to post on this subject is over.

It’s been semi-interesting to say the least and somewhat exciting to say the most.

I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. My reluctance to write on a weekly basis is only trumped by my love of comedy. So, it really wasn’t too bad.

It enjoyed writing this blog but it’s not my best work. It’s not my worst either.

So, anyway, here are my recommendations for comedy from all sorts of media. If you’re not watching or reading any of these. do it. If you’ve seen these programs but don’t enjoy, you have my sincere pity.


The Simpsons (because you have to—it was the best show on Earth for at least seasons 3-9)

South Park (because you have the balls to watch little kids tear the beloved beliefs you hold to shreds)

Seinfeld (because it’s fun to watch people bitch about nothing)

Mr. Show with Bob and David– (because it’s the funniest and most random sketch show you’ve never heard of)

The Office- both versions (because it’s how you wish your work environment was)

F is for Family and Mike Tyson Mysteries (because Bill Burr and because Norm Macdonald as a pigeon who solves mysteries with Mike Tyson is funnier than people who find Sarah Jessica Parker attractive)


Wayne’s World (only legitimately good SNL film ever)

The Room (so bad it’s good- you will shit your pants every time you here Tommy Wiseau attempt to say something in English)

Twin Peaks (not a film and only sort of a comedy- who cares, it’s fucking mint)

Slap Shot (because Paul Newman and the Hansons will teach you to man the fuck up—hockey style)

The 40-Year-Old Virgin (cause your useless ass needs to feel good about itself once in a while)

Now get watching, clowns! I’m off to celebrate, Homer style.





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