Bad Films

There’s often more to bad films than their general awfulness. Films of a low quality are like films of a high quality. The better or worse they are, the more exceptional they are to the viewer. This is how I feel about certain shitty films. The RoomBatman and   Robin, and Kung Fury are all examples of films that amaze viewers with their awfulness.

Each of these films have separate qualities that make their films bad. Poor puns, like “Ice to see you!” are constant in Batman and Robin. Ridiculous, non-sensical fight scenes between characters like Hitler and Thor dominate Kung Fury. And then, there’s The Room, which is simply put, the most incompetently made film in history.

It is this incompetence that makes it the most enjoyable of these three shit heaps. Batman and Robin is fun for the first 30 minutes but then one realizes that this was supposed to be a Batman film, and it becomes depressing. Kung Fury is intentionally over-the-top, which is hilarious but tiring, since you would think that a 30 minute film would hold your interest throughout.

The Room is different. It is terrible in almost every conceivable way. It has a lead character who speaks with some unidentifiable, unintelligible accent; the spoken lines do not make sense; the sex scenes are long and repetitive; and the scenes leap from one to the next with no explanation. Lisa’s mother has breast cancer, she is pregnant with Johnny’s child and Denny owes a debt to a drug dealer. Once these seemingly important bits of information are mentioned, they are never spoke of again.

Please watch the scene below. It explains the awesome awfulness of The Room in ways I cannot.


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