Yes, the Oscars are White

If you’ve been paying attention to the Oscars this year, you know what I’m talking about. A couple of whiny, privileged, black actors and loony left, lily white supporters are pissed about the lack of black nominations this year. The voters are apparently a bunch of vicious Racists apparently, especially practical thinkers like Michael Caine.

Yes, that Michael Caine. Ridiculous. And I’ll explain why in my next post.


Mad Max: Fury Road

The new installment in the Mad Max franchise is the best one yet. Most people who’ve seen this would also agree that it is a great movie. But many of these people say it’s a great film for different reasons than I do, such as its strong female characters, especially Furiosa, or its riveting action sequences.

Both are great reasons for loving this film but the reason that this film is truly spectacular is because it combines the styles of the first two film. For those who haven’t seen the first two films, Mad Max is a quiet, nearly dialogue free revenge film. The second film, Road Warrior is essentially a two hour explosion fest, and a good one at that.

With the new film, you get the quiet thoughtful, and soft spoken tone of the first film and the crazy over the top action of the second.

And thankfully, it’s nothing like the third film. If you’ve seen it, you’ll remember the steaming pile of shit it was.

I wonder what the writer’so were thinking at the time. Hmm, let’s see… how about let’s cast Tina Turner, have fights in a massive cage and add lost orphans in a jungle to end the film.





The Last Temptation

I’ve always considered myself a big fan of Martin Scorsese but I’ve yet to see The Last Temptation of Christ. I recently bought the film and I think it’s layout time I watch it.

Besides Scorsese’s involvement, the controversy surrounding the film has also drawn me to it. The controversy is mainly centred around the portrayal of Christ as an imperfect yet good human being. Back in 1988, certain religious zealots tried their damnedest to get this film banned with some going to the extreme of bombing movie theatres that were showing it.

So, I’ll  sit down tonight and watch this film, while I try to comprehend the odd looking,Green Goblin playing Willem Dafoe play our Almighty Savior. Amen.









Tony Soprano

Over the Christmas break, I decided to re-watch The Sopranos. I am currently on the third season of the show. Despite seeing this show before, I am just as amazed with its quality as I was before. What still strikes me the best part of the show is Tony Soprano.

Impeccably played by James Gandolfini, Soprano is perhaps the most well developed character I have ever seen in either TV or film. From his therapy sessions with Dr. Melfi, to his arguments with his family, to his obsessive control over his mafia underlings, Tony Soprano is as multifaceted as characters come.

But what makes him so interesting in this day in age? His straightforward, anti PC views, especially considering the fact that he is the lead protagonist of the show, instead of being an antagonist. Unlike most modern characters, Tony calls out BS when he sees it. He mocks Freud and various other forms of psycho babble, criticizes he softness of modern Americans and is not afraid to use physical force when necessary.

On top of this, Tony does stand up for the little guy. To say the least, Tony is like a realistic version of a Western cowboy, flaws and all.